Thought Passwords

[Unlock Devices With Your Mind]

Researchers from the University Of California have developed the next generation of Password Protection that uses human thoughts as a means of unlocking devices.

This new system is being considered as the final frontier of security clearances, as it surpasses the competency of almost all types biometric security systems.

Besides, now that even Facial Recognition Systems Can Be Hacked, it was became a logical decision that researchers would look for something beyond the control of hackers.

The inspiration for this system came from the general knowledge, that whenever we do any simple mental task, our brain generates a unique neuronal electrical signal.

These signals as the purest and most unique representation of our thoughts, and therefore can’t be copied, hacked or reproduced by any other person alive.

This is why, the researchers thought that if they could somehow record these signals and use it as a security clearance, they would be able to create the most secure password in the world.

To accomplish this task, they took simple EEG Electrodes and embedded them in earbuds, so that they can be worn by anyone without it looking suspicious.

These electrodes were then used to record the various unique electrical signals generated by various volunteer subjects, as a means of identifying them.

Amazingly, the system, even in this basic stage was able to correctly confirm the identities of the subjects 70-80% of the time, proving that this system could one day in fact be used as an authentication method.

The reason we say one day, is because the system still needs to be tweaked, so that it doesn’t get influenced by any psychological and physiological change that happens in the user.

Once these issues are taken care of, the system will truly be ready for adoption on a mass scale, consequently leading us into the future of completely secure electronic transactions.

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