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The City Administration of Perth, Australia has started installing Urilift Popup Urinals on various streets in the city in order to combat the problem of public urination.

While some people may consider regular public urinals to be a simple solution to this problem, they often don’t consider the issue of keeping those urinals clean.

Not to mention the amount of space that is blocked off in order to construct these smelly houses of filth. For all these problems and more, the popup toilets are the best solution.

These urinals, thanks to their pop up design, can be hidden within manholes anywhere in the city, from which they come up only during specific periods of time.

When not in use, the hydraulic system pushes the toilet back into the ground, where it can clean itself without any outside help.

Whether this self cleaning involves a Waste Management System or not is not yet clear, but as far as the user end is concerned, it will always be fresh to use.

Urilift, the company behind these special toilets will be working with the government to install and monitor the use of these toilets, so that they can get a better understanding of the effectiveness of the system.

While such experiments have already been conducted in several countries in Europe, this is the first time that it is being considered as an actual solution.

This is why there is so much speculation on the success of this project, as the toilets are already an expensive gamble, with just one unit costing $124,000 to install.

At this stage, it will be foolish to form any lasting opinion on whether this is a smart move to make or not. But with time, we will certainly come to see whether this truly is a new direction in public toilet systems.

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Posted on : 18 Sep 2016 @ 22:40

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