USB Killer

[Destroys Computers In Seconds]

Among all the threats that could do harm to your electronic devices, the one that you probably would never suspect is the simple and unassuming USB.

But now, a special USB device, developed by unknown sources, has become the number one threat to electronic systems worldwide, as it has the ability to destroy them in seconds.

This device is called the USB Killer, and has the ability to fry almost any computer/electronic device it is connected to, within seconds.

In order to do so, the USB uses its capacitor to store charge from the USB port. This charge is then discharged at 240V back into the host device, until it’s completely destroyed.

While this sort of targeted destruction may not seem as scary when compared to other more advanced forms of attack, such as the Project Sauron Malware, it still puts a big question mark on the safety of our systems.

The reason for this concern also stems from the fact that almost all types of electronics use USB as a standard port, which makes this device compatible with almost all types of systems across the globe.

So, all anyone would have to do is plug in this USB Killer into any unsuspecting system, and completely ruin it without even getting past the lock screen.

At this point in most news articles like this, writers often thank their luck that this sort of destructive technology would never reach the masses.

Unfortunately, for this article, this isn’t necessarily true, as the USB Killer is already available for sale to anyone who is willing to pay $50 for it.

You can also buy a Test Shield that has the capability to neutralize this threat, but that will cost you another $14, which if you think, isn’t that big an amount for safeguarding against accidental usage.

We don’t know what kind of individuals would actually be excited about buying this sort of stuff, but if you are one of them, then by all means, have fun.

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Source: USB Kill
Posted on : 24 Sep 2016 @ 09:01

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