Uscan Ultrasound System

[Automatic High Resolution Bladder Measurements]

A Washington based company called Signostics is releasing a portable ultrasound system called the Uscan Ultrasound System. This system is designed to provide high resolution urologic visualization.

The aim of the device is to improve on traditional methods that still rely on the somewhat ancient eight slices system for measuring bladder volume among other things.

Instead, this system features an advanced transducer that connects to a tablet, so that it can transmit upto 256 ultrasound slices in real time.

These slices are then combined to create a more accurate imaging of the area in concern, thus giving the physicians a better chance of accurate diagnosis.

While there have been other Specialty Viewing Systems that do offer enhanced imaging, but not all offer you the chance to generate the image yourself, while still remaining portable.

For most companies, accomplishing something like this for even one application is enough, but for Uscan, the journey seems to have just begun.

What we mean is that in addition to bladder measurements, the device can also be used to monitor catheter placement, image the kidneys, pelvic floor, prostate, gallbladder, along with diagnosing bladder stones.

All these applications and more, make this device a must have for any doctor working in the field of urology. So, if you are one such physician, then by all means, go check it out.

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