Acura NSX 2017

[Hybrid Supercar Combines V6 With 3 Electric Motors]

The Acura NSX has always been known as a car that was build specifically to defy all expectations. With a reasonable price tag and ridiculously amazing drivability, the car has remained a fan favorite for years.

Now, the brand is coming back with a newer version of the car, which is equally, if not more suited to shatter the sports cars market.

This new model is simply called the 2017 NSX, and it carries over the tradition of combining a peppy V6 engine with lots and lots of goodies.

The engine itself is an upgrade over the previous model, with the new one being a non-VTEC Twin Turbo 3.5-liter V-6, that can produce 500bhp of power and 406lbft of torque.

This power is supported by an 47bhp electric motor that fills in the power gaps that traditional internal combustion engines generally suffer from.

In addition, there are also a twin motor unit located in the front, which provides 36bhp to each wheel, thus giving them the option of moving or stopping individually, based on the needs of the driver.

In total, these 3 Electrical Motors, along with the V6, can produce a total output of 573bhp and 476lbft torque at any given moment in time.

All this power remains at the disposal of the driver, thanks to an advanced 9 Speed DCT gearbox, which is tuned to push the car from 0-60 in under 3 seconds.

That is an amazingly quick timing, considering the car weighs a hefty 3,800 pounds, even with the extensive use of carbon fiber, over a mostly aluminum chassis.

It should be noted, that even with all that weight and power, the car still manages a decent EPA-rating of 21/22 mpg in city/highway conditions, making it one of the more fuel efficient supercars.

This was a big point of contention for the developers of the car, as they didn’t want it to become a white elephant for anyone who thought of buying it.

This care for the customer can also be seen in the safety department, as the car receives a lot of goodies, including but not limited to 3 point seatbelts, multiple airbags, ABS, EBD, VSA, traction control, brake assist, rearview camera and sensors as well as LED DRL’s.

All these features and more are hidden beneath a spectacular body, which has been trimmed and prodded from every angle to make sure that what you receive is a car without even an ounce of waste.

You will probably notice that we aren’t really talking about it’s performance, and we have purposely avoided that aspect, since when we are talking about a car like this, it doesn’t feel respectful to do so.

The amount of technology that has been stuffed into it, along with the legacy that it has, leaves no doubt that it would be an amazing performer. However, that performance will always remain elusive to most, since there aren’t enough empty roads to truly gauge it.

But if you really do want to know how it feels, then you can go ahead and get one for yourself for just $157,800, which is an incredible price to pay for all that you are getting. So if have that much money lying around, then by all means, have fun.

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