ConFlexPave Flexible Concrete

[New Type Of Concrete Can Bend & Change Shape]

ConFlexPave is a new type of concrete, that has been developed in collaboration between the researchers at the JTC Industrial Infrastructure Innovation Centre (I3C) & scientists from the Nanyang Technological University (NTU).

What differentiates this new material from conventional concrete is not just it’s unique composition, but also the special properties that this composition provides it with.

What we are referring to is the revolutionary abilities of this concrete to not only bend, but also change shape in response to the pressure put on it.

These abilities make this material one of the few real life Supermaterials that can literally transform the way we approach design and construction.

In order to achieve this flexibility, while still retaining it’s strength, the researchers played with a lot of different material combinations in the lab.

The goal was to find ingredients that would work together in harmony on a microscopic level, so that the material would gain it’s abilities right from the point of mixing.

Towards that end, they created a unique combination of Polymer Microfibers and hard materials that is responsible for the strength and flexibility.

Since this material can easily be molded according to construction needs, the researchers hope that it would help reduce not only the thickness and weight of the slabs, as compared to conventional concrete, but also the maintenance costs as well.

This would easily make this material the favorite for any and all construction crews, since it is essentially provides you a way of saving money during both construction as well as in the long run.

We don’t yet know what the potential price of said concrete would be, since it still is pretty much a prototype, but if the progress that the researchers have made is any indication, we can soon hope for a very competitively prices alternative to conventional concrete.

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Source: NTU
Category : Architecture
Posted on : 08 Oct 2016 @ 06:38

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