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[Self Driving Pizza Delivery Car]

Automated Home Delivery is a concept that excites a lot of people. Taking this excitement to the next level is the Domino’s Delivery Robot.

This robot, fondly called the DRU, is a one of a kind self driving car, which has been specifically designed to deliver fresh pizza’s to your home.

It features a multiple partition system, which features a low power fridge/oven combo, that can be used to keep the pizza’s hot and beverages cold.

While this may sound complicated, it in fact is a very compact system, which provides the merely 3 foot tall DRU, the ability to carry upto 10 pizza’s at a time.

These pizza’s are marked with the location coordinates of the delivery address, so that the robot can create it’s own route to the destination.

While this system certainly doesn’t have the speed of the 7-Eleven Delivery Drone, it still seems a better alternative, as it doesn’t have to deal with the murky aviation laws regarding drones.

In order to make sure that this grounded approach doesn’t become a liability, the robot also has a Obstacle Detection, which can be used to navigate the dynamic streets of New Zealand, where the system is currently being tested.

With the help of all these features, the robot is able to drive itself right to your doorsteps, from where you can retrieve your delivery by punching in a customer specific code.

We don’t yet know whether this system has the ability to handle cash transactions as well, but seeing the current level of advancement, it sure doesn’t seem far away.

Unfortunately, we also don’t know when this system will be implemented for the rest of the world. But if you happen to reside in New Zealand, be sure to give it a try.

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