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[Turkish Engineers Build Full Scale Robot]

Transformers as a franchise has captured the hearts of millions of people worldwide. This is the reason why, even though the recent movies have been struck down by critics, they still continue to make millions of dollars worldwide.

This fascination with robots and cars has also found it’s way into the real life, where people end up collecting all sorts of toys that are associated with the characters.

But, perhaps the biggest joy for a Transformers fan is to see a Real Life Transformer, and a lot of people have been trying to make this dream a reality.

Now, for the first time, this dream has come true. When we say first time, we don’t mean the first transformer, but the first full scale transformer that looks exactly like a real BMW.

This transformer was developed by engineers from a Turkish company called Letrons, and it does the job of hiding it’s secret so well that if you saw it as a car parked somewhere, you wouldn’t even realize it was a robot.

Once activated, the transformation process takes barely a minute to complete, so you barely get the time to pick up your jaw from the ground before it’s finished.

Once transformer, the robot features a distinctive head, arms and even fingers, all of which have limited motion capabilities thanks to various hydraulic systems.

When the robot moves them all together, along with it’s lights, speakers and fog machine, it gives a nice impression of being somewhat alive.

Unfortunately, that’s the extent of what the robot can do, even though the company hopes that with enough funding, they could make it more active.

As far as the car part is concerned; it can drive, but only via a remote control, that operates the electric engine underneath the hood.

Not to mention that due to all the hydraulic components involved, there is no place for anyone to sit in it either, making it a look, but don’t touch type of transformer.

Still, if you can live with a limited activity transformer, then you can easily get one for yourself, as the company has 5 to sell. The price hasn’t been disclosed to the public, so you’ll have to personally bargain for one. Good luck.

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