Medtronic MiniMed 670G

[World's First Artificial Pancreas Approved By FDA]

Insulin Management for Diabetes is a vital process that needs constant monitoring and care. Thankfully, this care can now be automated thanks to the World’s First Artificial Pancreas.

What we are talking about is a small device called MiniMed 670G, which was developed by a company called Medtronic, to be a hybrid closed loop system.

While this may not exactly be the only Artificial Pancreas out there, it still is the first that has gotten approval by the FDA for use in diabetic patients.

Once attached to the patient, this device works by automatically monitoring the patient’s blood sugar levels, as well as delivering insulin to the body on an as needed basis.

By combining these two functions, this devices makes other diabetic machines like Insulin Pens and Blood Sugar Monitors obsolete, in turn giving the patients peace of mind.

Both of these functions are executed constantly at 5 minute intervals, so even patients with a history of highly fluctuating diabetes levels can still benefit from the device.

In it’s current state, the device is only approved for people who have Type 1 Diabetes and are over the age of 14. But the company is still continuing trials in order to lower the age limit further.

This will certainly help a lot of young patients that get this disease as a hereditary inheritance from their parents and would eventually die without constant monitoring.

We don’t know when this further approval will be given, or what price this device will have once it does reach the market, but we do believe that any price is not high enough compared to the health and well being of people.

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