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[Smart Glasses With Inbuilt AI Coach]

Intel and Luxottica have teamed up to create a new type of smart device, which combines the functionality of a fitness tracker with a voice activated AI coach and packs it all into a pair of Oakley glasses.

What we are referring to are the brand new smart sunglasses, called Oakley Radar Pace which aim to become your go to companion device for all your fitness excursions.

These sunglasses at first glance look exactly like any other sports sunglasses, however you can easily recognize them thanks to the removable ear pieces.

The real innovation however, seems to be hiding on the inside of the frames, which include dozens of tiny circuits that work together to provide the glasses with various features.

These features include Bluetooth connectivity, a microphone and a Samsung Gear VR-type Touchpad on the left side that can recognize taps and swipes.

In addition, the glasses also come with an accelerometer and gyroscope, as well as sensors for pressure, humidity and proximity that work together to gather all sorts of data about the user.

This data includes all the information you would normally expect from a fitness tracker, such as their power output, heart rate, speed, cadence, time, pace and distance.

While most smart devices would consider their work done once they have gathered this information, these glasses can do a whole lot more.

A special AI system built into the frames analyses this data in real time in order to create workable training tips and advice for improving performance.

These tips can also be modified based on the user’s personal routines and fitness progress, which results in the creation of a customized training plan that’s built around the user’s fitness goals.

In this way, this system is fairly similar to LifeBeam’s Vi Headphones, which do the exact same thing, even though in a quite different form factor.

Another similarity between the two would be, that, just like the Vi, the Radar Pace also comes with it’s own speaker/microphone setup, which is based on Intel’s Real Speech System.

This system lets users ask the device for various statistics, without actually having to fiddle with a smartphone or smartwatch app. They can also use it to control their music playlist, which is another important aspect of a good workout.

Between all these systems, the Radar Pace can truly smarten up your workouts, even letting you create extensive fitness profiles for yourself.

If you believe that you could benefit from such a smart device, then you can go ahead and buy it for $449 from theĀ Oakley Website or stores.

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