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[New Technologies For Superior Imaging]

In a market saturated with various TV technologies, such as HD, UHD, 3D, HDR and others, Samsung seems to have come up with certain new technologies which makes them all look dated in comparison.

These new innovations come under the title of the SUHD TV, which Samsung is touting as the next big revolution in terms of viewing experience.

What differentiates this TV from other path breaking models with features like 8K & Laser Projection, is the fact that it can produce a more vibrant image, while reducing the diffusion of colors.

To make this possible, the TV features two very distinct technologies, one of which is new, while the other is an improvement over an existing one.

Since we are talking about a new TV, it’s better if we start with the newer technology as well. This technology is being called Quantum Dot Technology.

This technology uses a semiconductor crystal measuring at the scale of nanometres, which in turn gives you the ability to control both color and contrast on the scale of nanometers as well.

In addition, these dots are also photo-active, which means that they can absorb and then emit light. This differs drastically from conventional TVs where the light is diffused by adjacent colors.

What this means in laymen terms is that the colors are more precise, and blend better, while still now ruining the image quality.

Infact Samsung is so confident about this technology, that it claims that the new display as show many as 1 billion color shades.

Another technology that deals with precise and vibrant colors is the existing HDR100 technology, which has now been upgraded to HDR1000 in this new TV.

This makes the display richer, with a wide variety of colors, that can be pushed to deliver a peak brightness of 1000 nits, making the contrast so much more obvious.

Once you get past these highlight features, you will find yourself in the familiar territory of smart TV’s, that have loads of connectivity options as well.

These technologies, when combined together, only add to the beauty of the new TV, with it’s bezel less curved design, and a sleek back that doesn’t show even a single visible screw.

This makes the TV a must have fashion accessory as well as a technological marvel. While there aren’t a lot of models featuring these technologies at this moment, we can still expect them to trickle down with time, thus kickstarting a new era in TV viewing experience.

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Posted on : 04 Oct 2016 @ 16:24

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