Supercomputer Creates A Movie Trailer

[IBM's Watson AI Used For The Experiment]

IBM has been known for creating new and exciting applications in technology with the help of existing/upcoming innovations in the field of science.

While they clearly have a lot of projects up and running, one of the most promising project of theirs is the Watson AI System that has made it’s way into the news often.

One of the most recent causes for this fame was when the AI program was used to Diagnose Cancer in a woman that would have otherwise died of a mis-diagnosis.

But while that was more of a life saving type of application for the supercomputer, there have been other experiments that are more fun and explore the creative side of the AI.

The latest example of this is the trailer for the new suspense/horror film Morgan, which the Watson AI has developed on it’s own from scratch.

This film already explores the tricky ground that covers what happens when a human hybrid packed with nanotechnology turns violent and starts going after humans.

For some, the thought of an AI deconstructing such a movie in order to create a trailer for it, is both horrifying as well as genius, if you consider it from a philosophical point of view.

That doesn’t mean however, that the trailer is not competent. On the other hand, the trailer shows a very beautiful subtlety on the part of the AI.

In order to create the trailer itself, the AI spent just 24 hours, in which it broke down 100 horror movie trailers, in order to study how they used mood, audio and composition to develop an atmosphere of horror.

It then moved on to watching the full-length movie, so that it could study and select certain key moments that would be ideal for the trailer.

After this, these scenes were handed over to a human editor, who then constructed the final cut of the trailer from the six minute footage selected by the AI.

We can’t really say if the experiment was a success or not, as with most types of creative projects, the final score is pretty much biased based on the person viewing it.

But the fact that these sorts of experiments are actually happening makes this a very exciting turning point in how we view AI and creativity.

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Posted on : 04 Oct 2016 @ 02:41

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