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[Machine Can Extract Water From Air]

In order to promote water conservation as well as reduce the increasing prices of water, an Israeli company called Water-Gen has built a machine that can suck water directly from the air.

This water is then made drinkable, thanks to the well known Condensation Process, that is known to create water from vapors, when exposed to a cooler atmosphere.

We have already seen mobile prototypes of such machines, developed by companies like Ford, but this machine takes the concept to a whole new level.

What makes this machine different from others, is the fact that it uses a set of plastic leaves that help funnel air into the machine from various directions.

This air is then treated through water generators that create pure drinking water. The amount of water produced varies depending on the size of the machine.

In order to keep things simple, the company has resorted to creating the machine in three sizes. Depending on the different models, as well as the atmosphere they are deployed in, the three machines can produce 825 gallons, 118 gallons and 4 gallons respectively.

Thanks to this clear distinction in performance, it is easy to decide which machine would be best for what sort of usage, ranging from military, civilian as well as industrial applications.

What remains constant though, is the fact that all these models require a plug in power source to function, which is still a big hurdle in terms of it’s deployment in remote locations.

Although, when you consider that the water produced through this process will cost less than ten cents a gallon, it becomes a lot easier to deal with the running and maintenance cost.

We don’t yet know exactly how much each model would cost, as the company is yet to start the commercialization process, but we do expect to get more information regarding it by the end of next year.

If all goes well, this will become a great way of tackling the fear of water depletion and starvation that a lot of people in hot and humid areas harbor.

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Posted on : 05 Oct 2016 @ 04:34

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