World’s First 1000 GB SD Card

[SanDisk Unveils Card At Photokina]

Ever since Western Digital acquired SanDisk, the customers of both companies were looking forward to the exciting new products that this collaboration would result in.

It seems that we didn’t have to wait a long time for said release, as SanDisk has recently unveiled a one of a kind 1000GB SD Card at Photokina 2016.

This card has been developed specifically for modern day device, which feature amazing new technologies, like 4K, 3D, VR and many more.

So don’t expect this card to be compatible with a lot of older devices, which frankly wouldn’t know how to handle this much space at any given time.

However, even in light of this fact, this card still seems like the obvious next step in the evolution of storage technologies, as the company had already achieved the 512GB storage mark some time ago.

As a result the company has broken their own record of having the World’s Largest SD Card Storage in a single card, when it comes to consumer electronics.

To get an idea of how impressive this feat is, it is important to remember that the very first record the company every set, was the 64MB SD Card, that went on sale 16 years ago.

While this new achievement may not seem as interesting as the World’s Largest SSD Drive, but it still is a proud placeholder in a long tradition of technological prowess.

We don’t yet know anything about what speeds this card will be capable of, or what price the company will place it at, but we will make sure you keep you updated as more information comes forward.

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