Durabulb LED Lights

[World's First Unbreakable LED Light]

An American company called Lighting Science has come up with what they claim to be the future of cheap and sustainable lighting.

What we are referring to, is a unique product called the Durabulb, which is supposedly the World’s First Unbreakable LED Bulb.

This claim can be made, thanks to the bulb’s special design, which uses a flexible and elastic Polycarbonate Plastic case to imparts strength to the product.

In order to test and showcase the limit of strength we are talking about, the developers have even tried to bash the lights with tennis rackets and even thrown them off a building.

It goes without saying that if the bulb can survive all that, then it can certainly survive whatever hardships it has to face in everyday environments.

Since these bulbs are so hard to break, they also get the distinct advantage of lasting longer than usual bulbs, with an impressive lifespan of upto 10,000 hours.

In addition, the stronger shell also helps reduce the shipping costs as well, since these new bulbs use upto 30% less packaging materials than conventional lighting solutions.

This makes it a win-win proposition for both the company as well as the consumer, as both get relief from the horror of finding broken shipments upon arrival.

So, if you too want to use this product for your own personal/professional lighting needs, then you can order them from the Lighting Science Website, with a 2 Pack starting at just $10.95.

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Posted on : 04 Nov 2016 @ 14:57

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