O-Pen Water Purification System

[Portable Gadget Makes Water Instantly Drinkable]

A well known Water Purification company called Roving Blue has introduced a new product into the market, which promises to make water purification truly portable.

This product is called the O-Pen and it has the capability of purifying atleast half a liter of water in less than 6 seconds, making it a truly amazing product.

In order to achieve such high speed purification, the pen uses ozone, which is already well known for it’s ability to kill the bacteria, protozoa, and other harmful substances found in the water.

The O3 needed to purify the water is emitted in the form of bubbles which come out of the tip of the pen, which has to be inserted inside the water for it to work.

Once inside, the gadget works rapidly to not only remove any harmful components, but also any sort of foul and unpleasant smell or taste from the water.

The power needed to make this process run is taken from the batteries that come built into the pen and can be charged using a regular USB port.

The entire mechanism is encased in a stainless steel design, which looks a lot similar to a high end stationary pen, thus making sure that it doesn’t look out of place among your other belongings.

The entire effort in terms of both design and working is directly towards making this product as user friendly as possible, with a major focus on reusability, unlike other Water Purification Systems, that end up sacrificing it in exchange for ease of use.

Considering everything else, this product is certainly a great fit for anyone who likes to travel a lot but doesn’t want to rely on the availability of drinkable water.

If you are one of those people, then you can easily order the pen from the Roving Blue Website, for just $199. It is a small investment to make in order to ensure the health and welfare of you and your family and friends.

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