Wind Hydro Turbine Project

[World's First Hybrid Turbine]

The two most renowned names in the field of renewable energy, Max Bögl Wind AG and GE Renewable Energy have decided to work together to create a entirely new type of energy production mechanism.

This new type of energy production solution will combine the benefits of both hydropower and wind energy to form a one of a kind Wind Hydro Turbine.

The new type of turbine, will be featured as the main production component in a multi layered energy production system, which is likely to become fully operational by 2018.

Under this project, the developers will place multiple wind turbine, at the center of a 1.6 million gallon water reservoir. Each turbine will be 584 feet tall, making each one, the World’s Tallest Wind Turbine.

In addition, there will also be an additional reservoir that will store upto 9 million gallons of water, and will be situated around the wind farm.

All this water will be used to generate power using tradition hydro electric power generation methods. The energy produced by the wind turbines themselves will be processed through the same system.

In this manner, each turbine will get the benefit of two types of energy production, thus making sure there is non stop energy production, even if there is no wind at times.

To ensure proper working of the system, the project will obviously have to be built in a hilly region, where the water could be frequently pumped back uphill for reusability.

Is is expected, that the wind aspect of the project will produce upto 13.6 megawatts of energy, while the hydropower aspect will generate upto 16 megawatts.

While this may not seem as impressive as certain other Renewable Energy Projects, it sill holds high promise, as this is the first time something like this is being attempted.

The first working prototype of this power plant is currently being built in the Swabian-Franconian Forest in Germany, and we can’t wait to see if it becomes a success. We’ll keep you updated as it moves along.

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