[Burn 1000 Calories/Hour While You Sit On Your Couch]

BionicGym is a wearable neuro-stimulator for intense aerobic workouts and easy calorie-burning, that works by reproducing the calorie burning effects of shivering within the muscles, and simulates the benefits and effects of running a marathon, or engaging in strenuous aerobic exercise. So a user can actually get a work-out while watching TV at night, or while sitting at their desk during the day.

The idea came to Dr. Crowe several years ago when he would get into the cold Atlantic Ocean so he could observe shivering, which is nature’s way of burning calories. Crowe noticed that as he got colder he didn’t shiver faster, but more and more of him shivered at the same rate (~7-8Hz), until even his teeth were chattering. This is nature’s way of increasing body heat, which also burns calories without moving, and is not dependent on generating muscle tension or moving the joints.

This makes it safe for use by people who have joint or muscle injuries, as well as the average person, athlete, or anyone looking to burn extra calories for weight loss and fitness. BionicGym works by stimulating the muscles to ‘shiver’, which is a proven and effective way to train. BionicGym has been the focus of intense research for over 16 years, and is fully tested and proven – even in Zero-G with the European Space Agency.

The founder has launched a fundraising campaign for commercializing the device, The product has caught on like wildfire, with people ordering the $300 contraption like hotcakes. Crowe’s Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign set a goal of $20,000 at the start, but it already has raised $350,000 with six days to go!

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Posted on : 15 Jan 2017 @ 21:06

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