Lightest & Strongest Materials on Earth

[10 Times Stronger Than Steel But Much Lighter]

The team of researchers at MIT’s Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering (CEE) have created a new Ultralight Super Material called Gyroid.

By taking small flakes of graphene and fusing them following a mesh-like structure not only retains the material’s strength, but the graphene also remains porous.

Experiments were conducted on a series of 3D printed models to determine whether that the new material was significantly stronger than graphene.

The scientists concluded that the new material was almost ten times stronger than and only 5% as dense as steel. The strength of the material comes from its incredible surface-area-to-volume ratio according to a study published in the journal Science Advances.

According to MIT reports,

The new findings show that the crucial aspect of the new 3-D forms has more to do with their unusual geometrical configuration than with the material itself, which suggests that similar strong, lightweight materials could be made from a variety of materials by creating similar geometric features.

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Source: Mit.Edu | Via: HuffingtonPost
Posted on : 14 Jan 2017 @ 22:23

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