Philips AR Spine Surgical Navigation Technology

[Designed For Image-Guided Spine, Cranial And Trauma Surgery]

Royal Philips announced that it has developed an industry-first augmented-reality surgical navigation technology for use in their Hybrid ORs, that is designed to help surgeons perform image-guided open and minimally-invasive spine surgery.

The technology combines 3-D X-ray and optical imaging to generate a 3-D augmented reality view of the patient’s anatomy. High-resolution optical cameras are mounted on the flat panel X-ray detector to image the surface of the patient and the X-ray system captures the internal 3-D view of the patient.

It also allows him to check the overall result of the procedure in 3-D without having to move the patient to a CT scanner. All of it can be done without any radiation exposure to the surgeon and minimal dose to the patient.

The technology was recently present at the North American Spine Society Annual Meeting in Boston.

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Posted on : 14 Jan 2017 @ 15:30

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