Cyborg Nest’s North Sense

[Lets You Sense Magnetic North]

The North Sense, is built from High Tech but takes inspiration from animals and nature. Once attached, a whole new range of experiences and emotions are unlocked.

North Sense is a small piece of technology, a cyborg piercing, that’s embedded into the skin, the chest area or elsewhere, using titanium rods, which simply vibrates to signal when you are facing Magnetic North.

These rods, or barbells, anchor an electronic device which, once calibrated, vibrates when facing north, providing the user with a sixth sense, one focused on orientation which connects them to the earth’s magnetic field.

The idea is to treat the North Sense just as you would the rest of your sensory organs, and not just as a tool. After all, you don’t remove your tongue just because you don’t feel like eating.

Cyborg Nest, the company behind the gadget, is more interested in exploring the abstract – that is, how modifying the way we perceive things can change the way we experience reality – than in loading it with practical functions. That is why it doesn’t have GPS or any tracking abilities, nor is it connected to a network.

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Source: Cyborg Nest | Via: Vice
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Posted on : 17 Feb 2017 @ 22:18

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