MIT Living Sensors

[Light Up When They Detect Chemicals]

Imagine a future where detectives don’t have to transfer anything from the crime scene to the lab for forensic tests. All you have to do is touch the spot wearing the living gloves.

MIT scientists just created an early version of this technology, and it looks super cool.

The team fabricated various wearable sensors from the cell-infused hydrogel, including a rubber glove with fingertips that glow after touching a chemically contaminated surface, and bandages that light up when pressed against chemicals on a person’s skin.

Using this new material, the team was able to make different wearable sensors. For example, they crafted a glove whose fingertips become illuminated when they touch contaminated items, as well as bandages that glow when they sense chemicals on a person’s skin.

“With this design, people can put different types of bacteria in these devices to indicate toxins in the environment, or disease on the skin,” Timothy Lu, associate professor of biological engineering and of electrical engineering and computer science, told MIT. “We’re demonstrating the potential for living materials and devices.”

The products made with the living materials developed at MIT could range from gloves and shoe soles to patches and even articles of clothing.

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Source: MIT | Via: Gizmodo
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Posted on : 20 Feb 2017 @ 20:55

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