Quasistatic Cavity Resonance (QSCR)

[Wirelessly Powering an Entire Room]

Scientists at a branch of the Walt Disney Company called Disney Research have found a way to charge devices on a room-scale without using any wires.

The Disney Research have just published a paper in the journal Plos One, which has revealed how they’ve successfully built the technology to provide wireless charging coverage throughout a room while powering all the devices at once!  The researchers claim that their methodology can deliver 1900 watts of energy around an enclosed room with an efficiency ranging from 40 to 95 percent depending on its position.

The room built by Disney Research was lined with aluminum panels. In its center was a copper tube between the floor and the ceiling, with a current running through it.

Fifteen capacitors in the pole are used to set a resonant frequency in the room and isolate electric fields from a signal generator, which outputs at 1.32 MHz. A uniform magnetic field is then run through the room at the same frequency.

Once the pole is all fired up, the room gets covered in a magnetic field. A receiving coil resonates at the same frequency which powers the devices in the room. The 1900 watts of power is within the federal guidelines for specific absorption rate (SAR), which means that this amount of energy is safe for the human body to consume.

Quasistatic Cavity Resonance for Ubiquitous Wireless Power Transfer – Tech Video

The precautions include not standing closer than 46 centimeters to the pole. Being present in the room is only safe if all the waves are being used to charge devices and not just bouncing off the walls, although these problems can be resolved by using a more reactive system coupled with some interior design.

There are a couple of issues, though. First is obviously the need for an aluminum-encased room, although they note their design – 54 cubic meters (1,900 cubic feet) – can easily be scaled up or down. Also, the circular nature of the magnetic field produced means receivers only work when at right angles to it, although this can be solved with three coils pointing in different directions.

Removing some kinks would mean that this technology can become as ubiquitous as Wi-Fi, which indeed makes it an exciting prospect to look forward to!

Quasistatic Cavity Resonance for Ubiquitous Wireless Power Transfer

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Posted on : 22 Feb 2017 @ 21:57

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