Ultrasonic Clothes Dryer

[Dry Your Clothes In No Time Without Heat]

The US Department of Energy’s at Oak Ridge National Laboratory have collaborated with GE Appliances to make an Ultrasonic Clothes Dryer claim that this technology has the potential to make dryers 70 percent more energy-efficient while doing the job in half the time!

Parting from conventional heat-based drying methods, the technique used here relies on using piezoelectric transducers to generate high frequency mechanical vibration to mechanically extract moisture from the fabric as cold mist.

Quieter than conventional dryers and producing lesser lint, the new technology is able to dry a wet piece of cloth in 14 seconds while using heat in an oven took several minutes. The researchers estimate that it would take less than 20 minutes in order to dry a whole load of laundry, compared to about 40 to 60 minutes it takes these days.

The first results were mind blowing. We could dry a piece of fabric in just 14 seconds. If you wanted to do that in an oven at different temperatures it would take several minutes. – Momen

Check out the ultrasonic clothes dryer research for yourself:

Price & Availability

Currently, the technology has been developed on a smaller scale, so before commercializing it, Oak Ridge National Laboratory and GE are planning on first scaling up the technology. They first want to implement the idea in a full-size press dryer, before applying it in a consumer-ready dryer drum and making it available for the public.

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Source: Energy.gov | Via: TreeHugger
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Posted on : 18 Feb 2017 @ 17:32

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