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[iPhone Killer From Father Of Android]

Andy Rubin, the man who gave us Android is back in the market again. This time with a new company called Essential Products that is hoping to restart the tech revolution, the right way.

To give us an idea of what that’s supposed to mean, the company has just announced a brand new smartphone that is already being dubbed as the iPhone killer. Not because it does something better than the iPhone; instead due to the fact that it is what the iPhone was supposed to be, i.e a high end, exclusive piece of technology.

But unfortunately, over the years Apple seems to have lost it’s way, preferring mainstream sales to innovation, or more aptly rewards to risk. Since most smartphone companies these days compete directly or indirectly with Apple, they too have adopted this safe buy steady approach.

Mr. Rubin is hoping to break this monotony with his new product, which is exactly what he promises it will be, a high end, exclusive piece of technology.

As if to prove this point, the company has decided against using any special name or branding for the device, by only calling it “Phone“. This is reflected in the design language as well, since the phone doesn’t have any type of visual symbols/markings that would make it stand out.

This does makes the phone look rather plain, which is an odd contrast, because the kind of approach they use to creating this device is anything but plain.

To start with, the phone features a truly bezel-less 5.7 inch screen, with no physical buttons. To ensure that you can enjoy every last pixel, the display comes with a resolution of 2560 x 1312 QHD that features a 19:10 aspect ratio and Gorilla Glass 5 for safety.

This display is housed in a one of a kind titanium body, which not only makes it one of the most durable phones out there, but also adds to the exclusivity.

Powering this display is the latest Snapdragon 835 processor, that is paired with 4 GB RAM and 128 GB storage. You also get a 3040Mah battery that supports fast charging via USB C.

Topping it all off is a 13MP dual camera setup for the rear, with an 8 MP front camera that can take 4K videos as well. Combine that with 4x microphones featuring noise cancellation and beam forming and we have a multimedia setup to be proud of.

While all this may seem like just another expected upgrade in the specifications for yet another smartphone, the end product is still a good looking and powerful device that can stand toe to toe with the best that the smartphone industry has to offer.

However, if you are still a bit worried over spending $699 on a one of a kind phone that might not have a future, then there are two dots next the the rear camera that will perhaps assuage your fears.

These 2 dots are part of the Magnetic Docking System that claims to make your phone future proof, as it gives you the ability to connect with all sorts of external accessories without worrying about wires or ports.

Not only that, but since this technology will also work with the “Home” automation system being developed by the company, you can be rest assured that whatever you buy for your phone will also work for most smart devices in your house.

We know that most of this sounds like over-speculation, but the hope is that with enough time, and with enough of these types of unique products, the market will finally get the type of radical innovation that we desperately need.

While you wait for that, you can still become part of the revolution, by pre-ordering the Phone from the Essential Products website.

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